How I relieve sore muscles after a workout for 2 hours on the gym making a lot of intense workout that gives soreness on muscles.

Much like our muscles, stress and anxiety can take a long time to relieve. As stress becomes chronic, the anxiety can become unbearable, exhausting the body. It takes a long time to relieve and usually a mental effort, similar to that required to reduce stress in our muscles. For many people, relief is found through being on their feet, exercising, taking a walk, reading a book.

Just like a muscle, our nerves can go on an overdrive of anxiety. Some people have chronically high levels of anxiety, which they believe stems from a mental disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Stress is only one source of anxiety and some people actually need a mental disorder to experience chronic stress. These people suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle soreness simultaneously. Their nerves are under great strain, so it’s not surprising that they suffer a sore, achy muscle as well as pain.

What most people don’t know is that the nervous system can relieve the stress of an overdrive. Stress reduction techniques can reduce stress and relieve some of the symptoms of anxiety and pain. Repetitive stretches and muscle contractions can relieve muscle soreness. This alone can relieve chronic pain. Our bodies are capable of relieving themselves from a great strain of stress. As with our muscles, anxiety is our body’s ability to relieve itself. And as much as we sometimes wish our nervous system worked in a more leisurely, subtle manner, it doesn’t. There is no time for the subtle effects of a calming, relaxing, healing relieving muscle strain. The nerves of anxiety must take their nerve pain.

Contrary to our expectations, our nerves are often neither calm nor tranquil. They can be relieved from severe tension and pain by short exercises. Like a muscle, the nerves are capable of relieving themselves. It’s up to us to do the work, rest, refresh, relax. It’s our lives that suffer.
Spiritual and physical pain are both reminders of the conscious decisions we make in life. Most of the pain that we experience in life is not physical. The pain we endure is caused by a conscious choice of what we do. It’s an injury to our psyche. It’s the soreness we feel in our muscles from overexertion. We must relieve our psyche.

How do we do this? As in so many other things, we must be willing to look within and find out what is causing our pain. We can relieve stress and anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques. A gentle stretching routine can relieve tension in our muscles, relieving pain, relieving pain in our, or muscle relaxation technique.