What I eat after a workout to lose weight? It’s a catchy phrase: “eat to lose weight.” It sounds a little bit like a diet, which it can be in small doses. I had no qualms about it; I liked the notion that I was learning something new from a workout I had been going to regularly for a long time. Most of my career I’ve been building software for clients, mainly on hardware systems, so this is all new to me. Turns out, with exercise, that’s true: you do do something new. It’s also really, really hard.

Yoga I had to find the right yoga teacher to do the right yoga class. I wanted to find a teacher that taught the kind of yoga I liked. Yoga for me is usually more of a meditation than a workout. I’ve gone for a few months with a yoga teacher in San Francisco and didn’t get what I wanted. Finally, I found Anasimas, who teaches in Oakland. Anasimas is a yoga instructor from Hawaii. He takes me through a series of poses that aren’t familiar, some things he has me do. My mind is going crazy: What am I doing here? This is stretching, which is good. Where’s that weight lifting machine? I’m just going to keep going, do what I’m doing, and try not to be disappointed that it’s taking so long to make sense. Anasimas is very patient, but also very firm and direct: “I’m telling you to do this, and this is going to be hard.” I’m trying, but the idea is just kind of floating away. It’s not because I don’t like it, it’s just hard.

There are definitely things I can do to lose weight, but this is a more holistic way. Part of this yoga practice is stretching, but there’s another part that’s building and strengthening my body. I don’t eat a whole lot, so if I don’t put on weight it’s because I don’t build strength and muscle and take my body to a certain level. I need to stay in that zone. I’m a weak weak weak man. I thought this would be a piece of cake, but actually it’s really hard. I like the idea that I’m going to lose weight. I’m a skinny skinny man and I don’t have to lose weight. After a lot of yoga, and about four weeks, I’ve noticed changes. I’ve gotten stronger, and my diet has changed. I’ve lost about 40 pounds since I started the yoga. After I do the yoga, I have a hard time eating food, I can’t eat after a workout, and then after I’m relaxed, if I eat to lose weight it’s not going to be a great meal.

It’s not going to make me feel full. So, to lose weight and to make sure I’m getting nutrition, I need to eat regularly. I don’t eat very much to begin with. I also take a daily multivitamin and calcium supplement. About two months into it, I start doing workouts that feel a little bit like what I’m doing in yoga. Building A Body Building a body for a workout isn’t easy. I built a bike. It’s a bike built for a six-foot tall, 210-pound man. It’s made out of steel and plastic, and I don’t know if you’re ever built a bike out of steel and plastic, but if you are, it’s going to be a lot harder to build a bike out of that than the normal steel and plastic that you would use to build a bike. There are wheels, brakes, a rack, racks, and racks of straps that have to go around the bike.

I built the bike using some of the straps that were meant to be used for bikes on a mount for the garage. When I built my bike out of steel, it was a lot easier, but now it’s a different situation. The straps have to work out. I’m trying to build a bicycle that can be very strong but not too powerful. It’s not too light or too heavy. It has to have power but it has to have a bit of weight and not have all that weight on the handlebars. It’s a nice way to lose weight and build strength, but it’s not easy. After building the bike, I realized that it was time to lose some more weight. I decided to stop doing yoga for a while, but I still wanted to exercise, so I started running. I started running a little bit. And now I run all over Oakland and maybe up into Berkeley a little bit. It’s more running on hard surfaces, not doing yoga for cardio.